Friday, November 23, 2007

How We Got Ringo

Josh always wanted a Dalmatian and when he was younger he had one for about one day. But he couldn't have him at the apartments he lived in so he had to give him away. Then one day Josh was looking at the classifieds and there was a listing for a 4 1/2 month old male Dalmatian. We went to see him and he came running out to us, this adorable, awkward puppy. He peed all over my feet and I was wearing flip flops!!! At that moment we knew we wanted him so he came home with us. He was this cute, big puppy and he sat on my lap all the way home. Josh was so excited to have his Dalmatian. He was a hard puppy. He would make me cry cause he would bite and pull my hair. He scratched a hole in the wall of my in-laws home. He scratched holes in the carpet. He ate my cell phone. He scratched a hole in our mattress. He was BAD!!! When we would take him out to potty he had to be on a leash, and he would run so fast that it felt like our arms were going to be pulled out of the socket. Josh has said that if it weren't for me he would have gave Ringo away cause he was so much to handle, but now he is our baby boy. He is 5 years old now. He sleeps in bed with us along with all the other animals. He is on a very tight schedule of eating and pooping by his own choice. He is my alarm clock in the morning cause he eats right when I get up. At 6 am he starts getting restless and will sit up and stare at me. Then if I don't get up he will start to jump around on the bed to make sure I get up. At night he is a spaz, too. Starting at about 6 pm he starts to follow me around the house, right under my feet until it is 6:30 then he eats. He is always so happy after he eats. In the morning after we've gone outside he will come get back in bed and roll around and make his funny noises. He is such a fun dog. He is very cuddly. He always wants to be in between his mom and dad. He can drive us crazy but life wouldn't be the same without him!

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tporter said...

Ringo, bingo, what a sweet boy. It makes us so happy when we get to come and visit you and you are so excited to see us I am so glad you live close to us now so we can see you and give you loves more often. We forgive you for eating our starfish from the Oregon coast...gma loves you.

P.S. is it 6:30 yet?