Friday, November 23, 2007

How We Got Sammy

Sammy is the baby of the family. He is almost 1 year old. We also got him from my mom. He was from the last litter my mom's cat Jasmine had. She died about a month ago. He was born while we were all gone to a Christmas party up in Heber, Ut. When my mom got home the kitties were born. We went to my mom's on Christmas and Josh picked him out. He was so cute. Just this little puff ball. Then after about a week Josh decided he didn't want him anymore. But you can't tell me we can get an animal and then tell me we can't. So I still got him. He was so scared when he came to our house he would sit on my shoulder as I walked around the house and he would sleep right under my chin at night. He did not like the big dogs and Meow wasn't very nice to him. But now he picks on Meow and is bigger than her. He is such a purrer. Our family is complete with him.

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tporter said...

Is that the sweetest face in the world or what? He looks so much like his mommy...gma loves you