Monday, June 11, 2012

For Eternity

Josh and I have worked really hard to achieve one of our goals we've had since we got married.  We are only almost 9 years shy but we finally did it.
When we went to have our temple recommend appt with our bishop in the middle of May, we each went through our records with the church.  When we left, Josh just said to me that it was weird.  I couldn't understand why, then he told me the dates of everything.  He was baptized, confirmed and given the priesthood on the 9th...the same day we were married.  Wow.  So we looked to see when the next Saturday  fell on the 9th.  June, like in 3 weeks!
I had always wanted to go through the Salt Lake Temple for my first time.  It is my very favorite temple, Josh felt the same way.  But with it being 3 weeks away and wedding season, we didn't know if we would be able to work it out.  I called the temple the next day and luckily we could do it that day!  We let all of our family know!  Then we went temple clothes shopping with Cody and Tara on the 19th of May and got all of our stuff.  It was finally becoming real and we were so excited!
We had decided we wanted to go down on the 8th to spend the night down there since our session started at 9 and we had to be there by 7:30am.  We got a hotel room at the Marriot at City Creek, which was the hotel Josh and I stayed in for our 3rd anniversary.  It was so nice!  Cody and Tara were supposed to come down and go to dinner with us but Cody got held up at work so they didn't make it in time.
So Josh and I went and walked around City Creek and then went through Brigham Young's home.
A letter written by Brigham Young
His hat and cane in his bedroom
I think this is the study
The wedding dress one of his daughters made for herself
An original drawing of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in one of the bedrooms
Brigham Young

Then we were looking for somewhere to eat dinner.  We decided on The Garden up in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.
One of the many gorgeous chandeliers in the building
Brother Joseph
The beautiful temple!
We then went and walked around the temple.  We heard that Mitt Romney was in Salt Lake and wondered if he might be at the temple.  The grounds were almost empty since it was 8:45 and I think they close at 9pm.  As we went around the back side of the temple, we saw 3 guys in suits in the corner.  One came walking past us and had an ear piece in and we totally thought they could be secret service!  I got a few pictures of my favorite features of the temple.  The door knobs are one of my very favs!
Then we headed back to the hotel to go to bed and get up really early to get ready for our big day!

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Treesa Porter said...

We are so proud of you two and so HAPPY for you both. That's such an awesome goal to achieve!! It was such a beautiful day and I will remember it always with so much love and joy in my heart. I love you guys so much and wish nothing but wonderful things and blessings for your future!! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!