Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day BBQ

We postponed our Father's Day dinner until our nephews could be here, the weekends got a little messed up for some reason.  Jade had the boys on Mother's Day and their mom had them on Father's Day.
So we waited to do it the next weekend.  The boys always get so excited to see all of us when they are here.
They are obsessed with dinosaurs and dragons and think my mom's hair clips are "sharp tooths", they obviously love The Land Before Time.
And they love to put all the dinosaurs in the pool together.
The food was so yummy and while we were there we celebrated my baby sister's 25th birthday.  Branson loves to blow out birthday candles and wants to help anyone who is celebrating a birthday.
Then the boys loved on their dad while they played on Grandma and Grandpa's new chairs.
And loving on Grandma.
I love spending time with family.  I love getting together to celebrate whatever occasion we can get away with.  And I love celebrating my father on Father's Day.  He deserves all the best things in life.  He always worked so hard to provide for us growing up and making sure we were taken care of.  And he does the same in our adulthood.  He loves us so much and wants to make sure we have the things we need and all the support from him.  Happy Father's Day Pop, I love you!

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Treesa Porter said...

He loves you too!! We love having everyone here :) doesn't seem like it's often enough. Love the pics!