Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Eternity Pt 2

Neither one of us slept very well Friday night.  We were so nervous.  We got up early and had to be at the temple by 7:30am.  As I was getting ready, I realized I forgot my slip to go under my dress...and it was pretty see-through.  I texted my Grandma Pat who was my escort, she suggested I wear my long slip and just tuck it in to my underwear or something at about the same time I thought of the same thing.  It was interesting, but it worked.  We met Cody outside the temple and went in to meet my Grandma and Earl.  The rest of the morning was wonderful!  We were out of the temple to meet our family at around noon.  It was quite busy out there being a Saturday in June.  We found everyone and I was so happy to see Elizabeth came with Rosie.  It really meant a lot to me to have her there.
I asked my friend Marvett to come take our pictures at the temple.  She agreed and I was so happy she would do them for us.  Her work is wonderful!  I met her a few years ago at a photowalk and we've stayed in touch ever since.  I wanted pictures by the beautiful doors...and so did everyone else.  So our sweet home teachers actually stood in line for us to get our turn.  I was so thankful for that since it was kind of crazy and I don't do well with all the craziness and trying to get everyone organized.  We finally got everyone to the doors and then got our turn up there real quick.  I only had a few images in my head of what I wanted and Marvett did awesome!  I'm so in love with these images and am so grateful to her for being part of our day.
The wind was blowing around really good and I was struggling to keep my  dress down and not let my long slip come out, it was quite comical.
Marvett's wonderful daughter took control of my camera while we were getting our pictures taken and got some really good shots.
Everyone was invited to Shannon's house afterward for a BBQ.  The food was so good and it was fun to have everyone together somewhere casual instead of sitting at a restaurant somewhere and not be able to visit with everyone.  We had so much fun. 
DJ was playing with Lucy and Bryn with the chipmunks, it was so cute.  I think it was even more cute because DJ was getting a little bit embarrassed with me taking pictures.
Then it broke out into a dance party with Lu and Lucy singing, so stinkin cute!
And DJ was content to sit on my lap and cuddle, gosh I love him.
It was such a wonderful day full of so many emotions.  I have waited so long to be able to walk in those beautiful temple doors and to finally have it be a reality was kind of surreal for a while.  I love the gospel and know it's true.  I'm so thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful for his sacrifice and atonement, without which none of this day would be possible.  I'm so grateful to be sealed to my wonderful husband for eternity, something we've wanted for so long.  And I'm thankful to be able to have our future children sealed to us someday.  I'm so grateful for our family for helping us celebrate our day and for supporting us, and for our friends who are family and make our lives even more blessed.


kenna said...


I am so HAPPY for you two and so PROUD!

It made my night to read this. You are amazing, lady. Truly, I'm so very proud of you.

Marvett Smith said...

Thank you for letting me be part of your special day Kandice. I couldn't be happier for you and Josh. Thank you for your friendship!

teresa said...

:) So happy for you both!


Bowler Family said...

That is so awesome!!! You guys are seriously the sweetest couple!!! I couldn't t be happier for the both of you!

Treesa Porter said...

Amen :)

Ang said...

Beautiful photos! I am so happy for you guys!