Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference Weekend = Fabulousness!!

So early yesterday morning, Josh got up to go play basketball with Cody.  About 10 minutes after he left, I get a text from Tara asking if I had any plans for the day...let me check, nope.  So she texted back that Nie Nie was doing a book signing at Deseret Book in the new City Creek Mall, wanna go?  Um, YES!!  So we decided to leave about 2pm to get down to SLC.  Atty didn't want to stay home with his dad and watch Sports Center and asked if he could come, so he followed us girls around all day and didn't complain!  This boy is going to make some girl very happy one day!
So we got down to SLC and knew we wanted to hit up Smart Cookie at some time during this trip, so we went there first for the fabulous sugar cookies. Oh, these things are divine!
I don't know why but for some reason whenever I get down towards Sandy, I just have this inner feeling of "I"m HOME!"  I loved living down there so much so maybe that's why I feel that way, I don't know.
We headed back toward downtown to the new mall.  Let me tell you, that place is fabulous!  It was wicked crowded and we hit it right after the last session of conference got out so it was packed.
We walked through to find the Deseret Book so we knew where we needed to go for the book signing and then went window shopping.  Tara and I both wanted to go to Tiffany & Co. so we went there first.  We walked around the store and they do have some beautiful jewelry, but I would have to win the lottery before I would ever blow money on something like that!  We got outside in front of the store and since Tara and I are both obsessed with our cameras, we went to take a picture of the store front.  I had my camera up to my eye, when a mall security guy came over and told us we couldn't take pictures of the store fronts, uh ok
 So then we headed back down to H&M, that place was packed and had some of the most hideous clothing.  They also had some cute things, but I never knew sequins were back in such a way except for on dancing costumes and even then we hated wearing them, they itch.  Tara did find a cute shirt and some leggings and I was looking at the bags since I want to make my own camera bag but didn't find anything I HAD to have.
Then we headed back down to Deseret Book at about 5:30pm  The signing didn't start until 6pm and there was already a little line forming.  So we got our books and stood in line.
There was a couple in front of us in there mid 40s maybe 50s.  I thought it was the wife who wanted to meet Stephanie and thought it was so nice of her husband to come stand in line with her for this.  But as we got up to her table, the man became very emotional and started telling Stephanie about his daughter who must have passed away and told Stephanie how she has inspired him to keep going.  She asked how old his daughter would be and he said 16 and she got a little teary eyed, too.  It was great.  Then I got up there and I feel stupid instantly.  I don't know what to say or what to do, just like I did with Ree Drummond.  So we just started talking about how much we love her and she was so sweet and so beautiful!  Her daughters were there, too and came to sit behind her for a minute.  I asked them how they were and Stephanie said they were so bored.  I bet they were, sitting in Deseret Book while their mom signs books!  After she signed my book, I scooted over so Tara could get her book signed too and she asked if we were sisters or friends.  I told her we were best friends and we also work together.  Everyday at lunch we get on her blog and show all the girls we work with how cute she is and how amazing she is.  We got our picture with her and it was fabulous!

She truly is amazing.  In May of 2010 she did a video for Mormon Messages, it brought me to tears and I had to share it, here's the link again.  Watch it.  She has come so far from where she was 2 years ago and is due to have her 5th baby tomorrow.  Which is something she wanted so badly and was so excited to be given the go ahead from her doctors to try for a baby, plus they will have extra skin to work with for her future reconstruction surgeries!  She truly has been an inspiration to me for the past 4 years.
We were starving and didn't want to eat at the mall so we left and went to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  The food was good like always and we all got cream sodas so we got a souvenir glass.  As we were leaving the mall and walking across the street to get to the parking garage, there was the most amazing view of the temple, at least from the street.  I love this temple.  It's always been the one I've loved the most and the one I've always wanted to get sealed in, can't wait!
I love conference weekend.  Anytime we get to sleep in on a Sunday when we usually have 9am church is fabulous!  But I also love hearing our Prophet and Apostles speak.  There is always something there for me to feast on, always.  And today proved no different.
We went over to Cody and Tara's for breakfast and the first session of conference this morning.  The talks were really good.  I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk.  I definitely need to work on my judgement of people and being envious.  I have been really judgmental lately and I know I shouldn't be and all it does is make my heart hardened and makes me not feel good.  I've been judgemental of others, especially those who are parents thinking that we would be better parents.  And those who are pregnant, thinking why should they get to have a baby when I am a better person and am in a better relationship and would be able to love and care for a baby more.  Terrible, huh?  I know.  And then being envious of those who do have children and are good parents and seeing the fun and the joy of having children is.  As we were leaving their house this afternoon, Josh asked me if I really listened to that talk and I said yes and I know.  He said the part he loved the most was when he talked about not gossiping even if it's true.  Oh man, my own damnation.  Josh always knows how to pull me back down.  Even if I get mad at him for a minute.  But I get mad because I know he's right.  And I will work on it, it's not going to be easy but I will.
We came home and rested for a bit then went back over to their house for steaks tonight, man they spoil us!  Two meals in one day!  It was so good though!  We sat and talked for a good hour or so after we finished eating and laughed and laughed.  Josh and his stories get us all going!  Josh started a grease fire while cooking french fries and Cody gets so amused by that story.
Thanks you guys for such a fun weekend.  It was fabulous!  We love you and I'm so grateful we have you in our lives.


Marvett Smith said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I could have gone to the book signing! I love her so much, and it would have been so fun to see you at a book signing again! :)

Tara said...

SOOO much fun.. Couldn't have had better company. It was a great, crazy, full of people day. I love love love that you wanted to go with me and we got to have that great experience. Love you

Hannah said...

Oh I'm jealous you got to meet Stephanie! I'll have to try this cookie place you spoke of too! Oh and I love your honesty when you write.