Saturday, April 28, 2012

Splash Of Color 5k (Color For Tessa)

Tara asked me to run in a 5k with her for a friend of her's from high school who has Hodkin's Lymphoma for the third time.  Neither one of us did anything to really train for the run and knew we would probably end up paying for that and signed up.  I love running once I get going but I haven't done it since it started getting cold last year.
The weather had been so nice lately, up in the high 70s and even 80s.  So wouldn't you know it, it got cold a few days ago.  It was freezing this morning.  The race was supposed to start at 9am and they wanted us to be there in between 7:30 and 8:30 to get checked in.  When Tara and I got there at about 7:40, there was only about 5 other cars in the parking lot and they were just getting the volunteers trained on what they were supposed to be doing.  And it was freezing, I think only about 28 degrees.  We got checked in, got our bags and walked back to the car to warm up.  We made sure our husbands were coming and then went to find out where the race would start.  We met up with a few of Tara's friends who were going to run with us and then Josh, Cody, my Mom and Chelsie got there to support us.
Me, Tara, Sarah and Sadie
Josh had some fun being the photographer for the day.
Snow-capped Wellsvilles.
We ran through a lot of mud but had so much fun!  
Let the colors fly!
The girls with the girl of the day, Tessa.  It was so fun to run for a cause and to help someone during a difficult time in the their life!  And so fun to be a part of it with my best friend!

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Tara said...

I can always count on Kandice to come do something crazy with me!!!! And that stuff tasted HORRIBLE!!!