Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games

I read this book while I was sick one day in January.  I loved it and couldn't put it down!  I was so excited for the movie to come out and couldn't wait to see it.
We had been talking about it for a while at work and Dr. Goble bought tickets for all of us to go.  We decided to give it a week for the crowd to die down a little bit and went Friday.
It was awesome.  I loved it.  The books are always better and there are always things they don't get to explain in so much detail in the movies as they do in the books but this movie was very close to the book.
Josh and Cody even liked it and Josh wants to read the next two books.  It was such a great movie and the first book was great, now I need to finish Catching Fire!

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