Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Me Some Puppy Breath!

So for Tara's 31st birthday, Cody wanted to get her a new pug puppy.  He told her to get in the car a few days ago on a Saturday.  Not knowing where she was being taken, she got in.  They got to where the puppies were and she walked out with her new black pug puppy picked out.  She wasn't old enough to leave her momma yet so she had to wait a few days before she could take her home.
Tara left work early on Thursday to pick her up and give the tiny, stinky puppy a much needed bath.  Josh and I went over later that night to meet her and for me to take in a couple good doses of sweet puppy breath!
Tara named Athena after the greek goddess Athena, obviously.  So she wanted another goddess name for this puppy.  She and Cody talked back and forth about names and Tara finally decided on Phoebe.
It's a good thing Morgan left Ebony up here with Cody and Tara while she finishes up the semester at school and takes finals.  Phoebe loves Ebony and Ebony loves Phoebe.
 Welcome to the family little Miss Phoebe Belle!  And Happy (early) 31st Birthday Tara!

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Tara said...

oh... she's so cute.. I wish they stayed small longer!!!!!
Thanks for coming.. she even LOST her puppy breath!! :(