Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Walk

Since my nephews were here, my mom and I decided to take them to the pumpkin walk tonight after I got off work.  My sister's friend Becky and her little girl Charly came with us.  It was really chilly but I was excited to go since I had never been before.
It was packed but we found a parking space pretty quickly.  They had a bunch of the wood cutouts for the kids to pose in.  Here's Charly and Gavin in Clifford.
Branson really liked the lights.
Some of my favorite displays...
Angry Birds
 Richard Scarry's Busy Town (loved these books as a kid!)
 Gilligan's Island
 Calvin and Hobbes
We took a break from the walk as soon as the kids saw the playground.
 Then we got back in line for the end.  Branson met the wicked witch and we saw my favorite display of them all!!  Fra-jee-lay!
After having lived in Cache Valley for pretty much all my life and never been to the famous pumpkin walk, this will now be a tradition!  It was so fun and fun to see all the different ideas people had.


Treesa Porter said...

So glad we decided to go ... kinda sad we've never been before! Love you

Marvett Smith said...

Those first two pics are just too sweet! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas my friend!