Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Brackin's

I loved taking this family's photos...I was so nervous though.  I love photography and I love creating things through the lens of my camera but I'm just a hobbyist, not a professional.  So it's was kind of scary having someone ask me to be in control of something as valuable as family photos.
I've taken Tara and Cody's family pictures for the past 3 years but haven't been nervous about them.  They are our best friends and Tara's too nice to tell me if she doesn't like them, plus I'd just make them do it again another day if they didn't work.
I've know Vicki and Austin since we were kids.  These two have been together since 7th grade and as so cute together.  Their kids are adorable as well.
It was freezing Saturday morning when we took these, and the kids weren't too happy at first.  But after a little bit, they came around.
We went to a bunch of different locations and had so much fun!  I asked Tara if she wanted to come with me, more to calm me and she was a huge help with getting the younger two kids to smile.
We got in their van to head up the canyon and on the way down Carson, the oldest, said "Dayne, you're such a whore!"  Dayne is the baby.  We laughed so hard at that, which probably wasn't helpful for Vick and Austin.  They were shocked at first to hear that word come out of Carson's mouth, then Vicki asked him where he heard that word and he said "TV."  Oh man, it was funny!
They are a beautiful family and I am so honored they asked me to take their pictures.  It was so fun and a great learning experience for me as well!  I love they way their pictures came out.  Thanks Brackins!


Tara said...

ok.. FIRST of all I probably would never dislike a photo you took of us!!! so I wouldn't need to tell you!!! and they ALWAYS turn out great.. and it was freaking hilarious.. you whore!! I ALWAYS have fun with you..

Treesa Porter said...

Oh they look AWESOME!! You did a great job!