Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Colors

As a kid growing up, we had to spend Sundays with our family.  We couldn't go play with our friends and we hated it.  It seemed like all of our other friends could all go do stuff together but we were stuck at home. Sometimes we would end up going on a Sunday drive somewhere.  I remember one time we ended up in Jackson Hole.  Those days always annoyed me back then but now looking back, my parents knew what they were doing, creating memories as a family no matter what we were doing.  And to this day I love going on Sunday drives.  Today after church, Josh and I decided to go on one of those drives.  We wanted to go see the fall colors before they were all gone but wanted a change of scenery instead of Logan canyon.  So we headed up to Porcupine Dam.  The leaves haven't all changed yet but there were a few and it was beautiful.
 It was such a pretty drive but the best part was just being with my best friend.  Just the two of us and the iPod in the car, love it!

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Treesa Porter said...

Beautiful photos!! I hope you have some great memories that we created. I know I sure do...I never for a minute have regretted making Sunday our "family day." Love you!!