Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Is (finally) Here!!

The weather has finally been beautiful for the past few days and I love it!!  I took work off yesterday since my doctor was out of town and had an awesome day.  I slept in (yay!!) except for Josh's work alarm going off on his phone in the other room and the dang thing doesn't turn itself off if it goes for so long, nope just gets louder and Josh continues sleeping.  And once Ringo heard it, we were 6:22am...on my day off.  Once he had an empty bowel and bladder and a full tummy, we got back into bed with Josh and it felt so good.  I got up and went running at 10:30 before it got too warm and got myself a nice little sunburn that I didn't know about until later.  Josh and I went to a movie, Super 8... super dumb movie.
I wanted to go to the pool to lay out in the warm sunshine.  I always hate going hoping to be able to find a chair.  It was packed but I did find one.  I put tanning lotion on, put my iPod on shuffle, earbuds in my ears and enjoyed the hour to myself lying there in the warmth.  I didn't realize how much sun I got until I got home and in the shower.  The burn feels good, though!  The tops of my shoulders, chest and neck really got it from the run in the morning and then at the pool.  
We went up to my mom and dad's for a BBQ for my little sister's birthday on Monday.
She wanted steaks and dutch oven potatoes for her birthday dinner.  A storm had just got done blowing by their house when we got there and, I swear, it was 15 degrees colder.  We all had to move inside while my dad and Uncle Garth got the fire going again.  It warmed back up and we were able to eat outside.
Dad making the dutch oven potatoes, with Branson's help.  (Yep, we're red neck and put the dutch oven in a wheel barrow to stir it up.)
We ate about 2 hours later than we wanted to, but it was really good.  I love getting together with my brother and sister, we always have so much fun.  Even though life has taken the 3 of us in our separate directions, we always pick up right where we left off and laugh and laugh.  
I love when the tulips come up because it means winter is over and spring is on it's way, even if it takes a long time like it did this year.  But I really love when my peony bush blossoms.  It means summer is here and it really took a long time getting  here this year.  It's amazing that these flowers start out as these tight little buds.
peony bud
And then they turn into these gorgeous, huge flowers.
I got on facebook tonight and Chelsie had uploaded a picture she took of her peonies today, too!  Same color and everything.
I love my grape vine, too.  It's coming up so thick and pretty.


Marvett Smith said...

I'm glad you're doing well Kandice. I love the dutch oven shot!

Ernie B. said...

Nice~ Love the pictures! Have a Great summer.

Treesa Porter said...

Yay summer and yay peonies and dutch ovens!

Rick and Angelia said...

Beautiful photos as always!