Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We wanted to have a big fun BBQ for my dad for Father's Day, but the weather didn't want to give us a break.  For Mother's Day, the weather was crappy and Mother Nature didn't want to let Father's Day off the hook apparently.  We had the BBQ at Jade and Brit's thinking we could all go out in the back yard and play but instead it rained and rained and was windy.  Jade and my dad manned the grill and the food was really good.
My cute parents.
Later, I went down to Brigham City with my parents to see my Grandpa.  We had a great time visiting with the aunts, uncles and cousins.  On the way home we stopped by to see the progress on the temple.  It's beautiful!
We got up to the summit of Sardine Canyon at just the right time, the rain clouds and sunset were gorgeous!  
People were pulling over behind us to get a shot of the beauty, too.

It was a great day to celebrate the fathers in my life.  Father's Day is always a tough day for Josh.  His father wasn't in his life after his very early childhood.  We invited him to our wedding, Rosie actually spoke with him on the phone in front of us to personally invite him.  For whatever reason he didn't make it.  We didn't have any contact with him after that until we saw his obituary in the paper in June 2007 having passed away from pancreatic cancer.  We attended his funeral and found out Josh has 4 younger brothers and sisters.  I think it was tough for him to find out his father had 4 other children and didn't ever want to be in Josh's life.  Josh had his step father to kind of fill the "father" role for him but he and Rosie divorced and we haven't kept in touch with him for multiple reasons on both ends.  So I feel bad for Josh.  I wish I could make him a father so we could make better memories for Father's Day instead of it a reminder of the father he never had.

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Treesa Porter said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful thoughts, beautiful spirit, beautiful daughter!