Monday, January 24, 2011


So Josh had been 35 for all of about 24 hours when as he says "his body failed him".  He was going to play racquetball with Cody and Dr. Garg Saturday morning at 9:30.  Well, with his work schedule on the nights he doesn't work he won't go to bed til 3 or 4 AM.  So I woke up at 9:30 and was panicked that I slept that long and Josh needed to be at the gym like, now.  So he hurried and got ready to go, forgetting his good gym socks...and his ankle braces.  I got up and got in the shower and started cleaning the house, when I got a call from Cody.  He said Josh hurt his foot, thought it was broken and was headed to the ER with Garg.  Cody came  and got me so I could get the Jeep from the gym and head to the hospital.  His ankle was a little swollen when I got there and they were just getting ready to take him to get xrays.  He said he went for the ball and rolled his ankle then his upper body weight came down on it and he heard a pop.  He told me it hurt really bad and felt stupid at the gym because he was rolling around on the floor, cussing and saying that it was broken. He said that he's a guy, he's sprained his ankle so many times.  But it's never hurt like this.  The ER doc came in and did his assessment then went to look at the films.
While he was doing that, Jimmy the ER nurse came in to talk to him again.  We asked him if it was a sprain what the popping noise was.  He said it was probably the ligament rolling over his ankle ouch.  The doc came back in and said he didn't see anything broken, it was sprain.  He then told us the popping noise was probably the ligament rolling over the ankle bone which can be very painful and make a loud pop noise.  They asked him if he wanted anything for the pain, he said no.  He's terrified of pain meds.  Crutches?  No.  So they said to do the RICE (RestIceCompressionElevate) method and to take ibuprofen for the swelling and pain.  So I went and got the car to bring up front.  By the time Josh hobbled into it he was in tears again and writhing in pain.  I felt so bad for him, there was nothing I could do.
We got him home, elevated it, wrapped it up and put some ice on it.  The wrap lasted about 10 minutes before it was killing him.  He camped out on the couch for the rest of the weekend playing Black Ops while I was nurse, babying him and getting him anything he needed.
On Sunday, it was a lot more swollen and really sore.  He couldn't take more than a couple steps on it.  He was on a steady schedule of ibuprofen every 6 hours.  I couldn't believe there wasn't any bruising.

Joshs' little brother, Austin and his girlfriend Alicia decided to come up and see us with their new baby boy, Raedyn.  We felt really bad while they were here because we are so boring.  We just sat here and watched TV and talked.  Raedyn is so cute and loved loved loved Josh and Josh loved him.
(I can't wait to see Josh look at our child like this)
I'm not going to lie, we've had a hard time being happy when other people have babies.  It goes a lot deeper than that but my family reads this blog so I don't want to hurt any feelings.  We've never not loved Raedyn, don't get me wrong, it's just been hard.  I don't understand things sometimes but that's another post for another day.
We were so happy they took the time to come up and see us.  Austin is such a good little brother.  The only thing that kid wants to do is serve and make others happy.  He was so attentive and in love with his baby boy.  I didn't get a picture of the three of them together, next time.
So today at work, everyone was asking about Josh's ankle.  Since Tara and I work at the hospital and the nurse in the ER does clinicals with Welter on Mon and Tues, that's all we talked about.  Welter was concerned for Josh all weekend, wondering if he needed anything for the pain.   I work for the best docs!  Josh said it was doing better today when I talked to him on the phone.  He had school tonight and thought he would be okay without any crutches.  When I got home from work I wrapped it up so he could walk on it at school.
Now the bruising is setting in and it's bruising in totally different places than we thought it would.  It's not quite as swollen but is still sore.  He thinks he'll be back playing racquetball this weekend, yeah we'll see.  He was able to get around okay at school tonight so that's an improvement.
Josh said now that he's 35, it's all down hill from here...He over-reacts just a little.

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Marvett Smith said...

Ouch! Sprains hurt so much. I think it's almost better to just have a break sometimes. Hope he gets feeling better soon.
P.S.- Thank you for your kind comment. It was very needed today. :)