Sunday, January 16, 2011

Health Fair and Bunco

There was a huge health fair going on Friday and Tara and I were asked to go represent our clinic for the day.  It went from 12-6pm at Stevens-Henager.  There were tons of different companies there.  Tara and I did blood pressure checks and handed out lots of cards and water bottles.  There were so many different departments of the hospital there we took up two rooms.  We had the Emergency Dept and the Lab on one side of us and Respiratory Therapy on the other.  We had lots of fun and laughs together when there was a lull in the crowd.  They put our room on the local TV station and luckily we didn't have to do any talking!  After the TV interview was over our marketer ordered pizza for all us.  It started to die down after the first couple of hours.  It was fun getting paid to sit there though, especially with Tara.
I left a little early so I could get up to Riverdale for my first Bunco party.  Vicki, who is one of my best friends from growing up, asked me to be in their group this year.  I was excited to play but nervous at the same time. There are 8 girls in our group and I went to school with 6 of them and hadn't seen most of them since we graduated a very long time ago!  I got there late but we had so much fun.  It was so good seeing those girls again and to catch up on what everyone is up to.  I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to scare them right off the bat!  I thought I'd spare them seeing the crazy camera lady on the first night!  Maybe next month...

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