Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Noah Plays Baseball and Elizabeth Dances

Noah had a double header and Elizabeth had a dance recital on Saturday so I went down and hung out with them for the day while Josh stayed home and worked on his never-ending home work.  I haven't watched Noah play since last year so it was awesome to see how much he's improved.  They smashed both teams!  His team is competing in Steamboat Springs at the end of July  to be a part of the Little League World Series in Philly this year and I hope I get to go watch him play.  Go Sidewinders!
I love when those 3 kids first see me, they get so happy.  I love seeing their happy smiley faces.  When DJ sees me, he just comes running and gives me a huge hug.  That little boy melts my heart.  I played with DJ and Elizabeth on the playground, pushing all the kids in a 1 mile radius on the swings, doing underdogs over and over again.  The kids thought that was so much fun!  It was so fun for them...not so much for me!
We wrapped things up at the ball park and headed back to Shannon's to get everyone cleaned up and ready for Lu's recital.  DJ is getting very independent and is into combing his own hair.  He sat in front of the mirror for about 20 minutes getting it just right.  He was getting a little crabby because it wasn't working the way he wanted it to.  He was looking a little like Alfalfa in the back so I had to help him with just that much but he did a good job.
Elizabeth's recital was really good but long to sit through, 33 dances took a long time!  I've been to most of her competitions this year so I've seen all the dances her company had.  She did great and was so cute.  I can't wait to watch her next year and see how much she improves.  Dancing is something she and I both love so it's lots of fun watching her.
Poor little DJ couldn't stay awake.  He'd been outside playing all day since noon so by the time 8 hit he was out cold.
I finally had a sleep-over with the kids since they ask every time I see them.  We went back to Shannon and Arnold's and got some dinner.  When I have a sleep-over, Lu and DJ both want me to sleep in their beds with them.  DJ won this time so we all tried to fit into his twin bed.  I eventually had to carry Lu into her own bed once she fell asleep so I could have some room.
I headed home early the next morning to get home to see my dad for Father's Day but stopped off to see Rosie and Shane real quick.  He had Lucy for the weekend for Father's Day.  She is so cute and so funny!
She just melts Shane's heart and it's so cute to see him with his baby girl!
It was great to spend some time with my family who I love so much!


Marvett Smith said...

I love that first picture, and I love the last one too. Your family looks like so much fun!

Treesa Porter said...

You are getting so good with that camera!! Pics of DJ combing his hair are ADORABLE!