Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures and Weekend Happenings

My mom and I took pictures of Jade, Brit and the boys on Saturday to get their first family pictures. The weather was awful, snowy and very cold. Which meant with the snowy weather, we wouldn't get very good lighting. We tried to get the same pictures we took of Branson when he was just a baby. Gavin didn't cooperate very well, he was very awake.
Giving baby brother a "love"
We aren't really satisfied with the pictures so we're gonna have to do it again, but that's just fine with me. I love taking pictures of these boys.
I stayed at my mom's til about midnight Saturday making watch bands. I made me 2 really cute ones and got one made for a Christmas gift for my special Lu. We're going down to Spanish Fork the day after Thanksgiving where my mom and her sister's will have a booth at a craft fair. My mom is selling her watch bands, necklaces and earrings and my aunts are selling vinyl lettering and hair bows. I'm excited to go and hang out with the girls, it'll be fun. I'll miss Josh though, I always do. I hate being away from him overnight!
While I was at my mom's she told me my dad's cat was dying. We tried to get some antibiotics in him, thinking he probably had a UTI or something bacterial. We got two doses down him, but my mom told me today that Goldie passed away. I went to my dad's work to tell him I was sorry his buddy died. He loved that cat so much. Goldie wouldn't settle down after my dad got home from work until my dad sat in the chair and Goldie got up on my dad's chest where they could touch heart to heart. It's tough to see my dad cry. He is sure going to miss his buddy. We found him in our garage when my parents were moving out of their house about 7 years ago. It was winter and we didn't want the cute puffy kitten to be out in the cold over the winter so we took him in. My parents had his tail amputated after it got infected from a fight he got into, he was the guard cat.
It is so dang cold outside today. Josh and I have just hung out in the house all day. We slept in, after Josh got home from work at 7 am, and have been lazy. We got Josh's homework done and have been camped out on the couch with our blankets and laptops and our furbabies. The perfect day!


Vicki said...

It makes you cry when you see your dad cry just cause you know it's something serious if he's cryin how sad. Sounds like the perfect lazy day love em!

Callaways said...

glad you guys had fun. Ya!!!! The snow SUCKED!!! I didn't even want to open the door... I HATE winter...

TeamGornold said...

i am so sorry about your dads kitty. that really is sucky. i don't know how many more times you are going to have to put up with hearing me type 'i miss you' but deal with it! i do!
your 'lazy day' sounded fantastic... i was at terrace grove, having an 'awesome day'
jealous much?

byebyedays said...

Oh how precious... New babies are so fun to take pictures of! You did a great job! That little Branson is so adorable, he just LOVES his antie!

the larsons said...

It looks like you guys have been quite busy!! I am sorry about your dad's cat.. that is really sad :( On a lighter note..Baby Gavin is sooo cute!! I will have to try to make it to the good ol' SF Boutique to say hello:) Have a great Thanksgiving!! XOXO~