Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Britty Bug

Our family dog, Brittany, passed away early this morning with my mom right by her, loving her and telling her it was okay to go. She was 13 years old, so we've had her for half of my life, and lived a really good life. She was so cute and such a fun little dog. She brought so much joy to our family and brightened my mom's life after the passing of another one of our family dogs. She loved when all of us kids were home, she loved to lick our legs after we put lotion on them. She loved to go for car rides. She was always so happy on Christmas morning. She sat in the middle of all the wrapping paper after the presents were all opened and just smiled. She loved it. We will miss her cute personality, making her roll over for her treats, watching her twitch when she wanted your attention. She will be missed by her best friend, Buddy. They had a lot of puppies together. She loved being a mom, that's when she was happiest. We are going to miss her so much.

I had today off so I went up to my parents' house and just the three of us had a little funeral for her. My dad made her a good box to be buried in and picked the perfect spot in their yard for her.

We love you Britty bug and we will miss you until we see you again!


tporter said...

Beautiful tribute to our sweet Pretty Britty Bug!

We have another wonderful guardian angel now don't we...

Thank you honey!

slap said...

Sorry about your puppy. That's never an easy thing to deal with. I dread the day we have that happen! Love to all

Callaways said...

that's so sad.... I HATE everything associated with death.... even with a pet. It's just as hard.