Monday, September 29, 2008

The One With The Busy Weekend

Josh and I went over to Cody and Tara's on Friday night to eat dinner. She made lasagna and cinnamon crumb cake and it was yummy! The boys played Halo and us girls watched stand-up comedians on YouTube and laughed til we cried! Those guys were hilarious, my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing so much! It was so fun...Thanks guys!

My mom and I had a baby shower for Brittiney, my s-i-l, on Saturday. It was great having our family all get together. Brit got some great gifts and we had lots of fun. But we're glad it's over. My little nephew will be here in 28 days!!
Brit, my mom and me
Aspen, Brit, my Grandma and Draven

Playing "Guess the Gerber"

My Grandma Lowe and new baby cousin

After the baby shower, we went over to Bear Lake to hang out with my grandma, aunts and cousins. They were all staying over there in a condo. We went out to eat and went back to the condo to hang out. We don't get together with that side of the family very often so it was lots of fun. I can't believe how big all my little cousins are! They brought the Wii with them so the kids were very entertained. We tried that cell phone and popcorn thing but it didn't work. I heard some awesome stories of my mom's childhood, too. Hearing about going to the trash pile to dump the weekly trash, and how my aunt Shelly found out her rabbit had died after seeing it at the trash pile...Priceless! And what my grandma did to cope with having 6 kids...let's not talk about it.
We all met over at Willow Park on Sunday afternoon before they all went home to have some lunch and let the kids play. We walked around and looked at all the animals and had a good visit. It was a great weekend and was so good to see our family! My two aunts are also pregnant and due this next month and they are both having boys, too, so we'll have some fun new additions to the family!! Josh started another Ultimate Loser competition today through the gym so that's what we will be up to for the next two months!


Callaways said...

Totally cute picture Josh.... duh.... you guys did have a busy weekend. but at least it was the busy fun kind. I have that juevos splash song possibly permanently stuck in my head!!! That's was so funny. Only a few "Choice" people can hang with me and just watch you tube.... thanks for being one of the few!!!

Benjamin said...

I check your blog from work usually, and this time I was reading through your long weekend, and I could just hear this loud music I thought was coming from someone else's cubicle. Right when I was about ready to poke my head over the cubicle and say, "Whoever's music that is, could you turn it down... I'm trying to 'work' here!" I figured out it was your blog's music coming really loudly from MY headphones. Thanks for almost getting me in trouble!!!

Josh, did you find out if you were having a myocardial infarction? I think it might actually be endocarditus, but you didn't mention to me if you were having symptoms of sudden weight loss and extremely large gums, so I'm not exactly sure. If you're having either of those, you might want to get it checked out.