Monday, August 11, 2008

Anniversary Celebration

Josh and I wanted to do something fun for our anniversary this year since we haven't done anything but going out to dinner on our anniversary since our honeymoon, when we went to San Diego. So we went down to Salt Lake for the weekend. We went on Saturday and got home today. We did a lot of relaxing and eating! Saturday night we went to The Melting was YUMMY! We love that place!

The dancing lobster tails!

Then we got to listen to a live band at the club,The Horny Toad, across the street from our hotel until midnight. That was NOT fun! We were on the 11th floor and could hear the music too well. The band was rehearsing when we got to our hotel at about 4 pm, so we got a double dose! We went to a Bee's game on Sunday. It was really fun! There is something so great and American about the feeling you get when you are a baseball fan and walk up the stairs into a baseball park and see the green field! I love it! We sat on the third base line and got baked in the heat. We didn't realize it would be that hot sitting there! It was a scorcher!! The Bee's were doing really good and it was fun to see them. We left after the fifth inning because we were so hot, I was dripping in sweat, but I didn't realize I was frying! We got back to the hotel and I saw how red I was. I am burnt, I don't have blisters though so I'm good! Then we packed up this morning and headed home. It's fun to go on vacations but it's better to come home! We missed our furbabies so much. Ringo and Wrinkles stayed up at my mom and dad's so we went up there to get them and Ringo was definitely ready to go home. He had fun playing with Roxy but he is like his parents, we are homebodies! Now he and Wrinkles have been passed out since we got home! It was a great little get-away! I hope everybody had a great weekend!


Callaways said...

Glad you guys had a great anniversary, and weekend!!

Jessie Golightly said...

Happy anniversary hun! You guys are so cute, I'm so happy that your so happy! :) love ya.

Frayer Family said...

Hey...We went to the Melting Pot for Jason's birthday. It is the best restaurant ever!! The dessert was the best!!!!!! I would have licked the pan if I could. I bet you guys did :) Sounds like you had a fun anniversary. We are having ours on Aug. will be 12 years for us. Cool huh!! by the way...when you left the memories on our blog that was great. By the way...thanks for the video of me and the backpack. I have so many memories to write it would be difficult. rode on a bus all night to get to our wedding. All the times you lived with us or behind us, All I have to say is "Talent Show"...and "Shut Up Jaimee!", you were in the delivery room when Alex was born and the Monkey Mask, Jason standing on the corner of the grass with his crutches, not leaving your chair cuz it will get taken, "ahhh my shirt...when people are breaking into the house, panyhose/Terri's house/shutting off circuit breaker...and jumping out!!, working at Iron Parke with you, the naked doll in your window (people are thinking...what?),swimming pool/diving board...and two girls peeking over the fence at a really cute boy, being chased down valley verde...losing a shoe in the process, Get-a-long gang, and standing at the bus imitated a guy running (behind him) and he turns around and asks you..."you want a peice of me", do I need to go on! Kandice I so glad you were there the day the backpack got lost...and you ran all over the temple grounds with me, when you guys came and visited me when Kaleb was 10 days old (I am going to post those pictures on my blog to see), forcing you to play "board games" with us, joining in on the "birthday wars", your wedding was great (you looked so beautiful)...Alex as one of your flower girls (you made her feel so special), when we left to go home after your wedding...Alex cried all the way to the next town because she didn't want to leave Auntie Kandice and Uncle Joshie!! We love you guys!