Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Are you watching these?
Because they are so good! It's awesome that we can come together as a world and compete against each other in one city! I love the Olympics whether is summer or winter. Josh and I went to the Olympics in 2002 when they were in SLC. We didn't see any events but did catch Alanis Morissette when she performed for the Olympics. It was such a cool atmosphere that all the best athletes in the world were there. I just think they are amazing!

Have you seen this guy?

What he is accomplishing is going down in history! That is so cool to me. He is a machine in the water and now has his 11th Olympic gold medal. He now has the title of the greatest Olympian of all time with all his gold medals. He is going for 8 gold in Beijing. What an amazing athlete! I love watching him swim, it is beautiful to watch him do the turns and dolphin kick! I love Michael Phelps!

And then there was this event...

The Chinese women's team did deserve the win in the gymnastics, but I don't think they were completely honest in their ages. To compete in Olympic gymnastics you have to turn 16 in the calendar year of the Olympics...some of these Chinese girls looked 12 or 13. They said that their passports claimed they were of age but I don't think they were fooling many people. They were very good though, the Chinese produce great gymnasts. Injuries are what killed us in this event.

These guys have been fun to watch so far too...

These Olympics are shaping up to be very fun to watch, they always make me cry! I love being American and supporting our team.


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Callaways said...

I'm with you... I love the olympics. I've really liked the gymnastics.