Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where's The Fish??

Saturday was "Free Fishing Day" in Utah and Idaho, so you could fish without having to buy a license. We decided to go fishing with my brother and his wife out at Newton Dam. It was FREEZING!! I am confused, is it June or March around here?! It has been cold for like the past week! I have been looking back at pictures from a year ago and we are outside playing in the water with tank tops on! (Well at least I had a tank top on, not Josh.) The wind was blowing and it kept trying to rain. We didn't catch anything, not that I really wanted to...I didn't have a pole in the water. Just Josh, Jade and Brittiney did. I read my book, The Host. ~So good!~ We sat out there for about 3 hours without even a bite!! I used to go fishing all the time with my dad when I was little. He called me his "little fishin' buddy". I think I would just wander around, not really fish, although I'm sure I had a pole in the water.
Here's what the sky looked like most of the day, occasionally the sun would peek out from behind the clouds.
The fishers of no fish...Josh, Jade & Brittiney
What is that? What is he reeling in?Why! It's a beer can!Wait! Now what is that?It's a flip flop!Jade & Brit sitting on the shore as we were leaving them!:) It was funny!!I had to prove I was there! I have two hoodies on by the way, TWO! It was cold.

We saw this rainbow on the way home


Frayer Family said...

It looks like fun!!! I love fishing. We use to go in Cedar all the time. The rainbow is beautiful. How fun!! Wish we were there.

Callaways said...

I Know what's with this weather?? We can't even enjoy warmth!! I've been waiting all winter for it. What's the deal. Glad you guys had a good day.

Callaways said...

OK. I totally love the song Incomplete, and Orchid. So good. a few of her songs are different, but I so love some of them. Very good!!! Next time she comes you and I are going.... the boys that make fun of us can stay home!!!

Terri said...

Cute blog guys. Its good to see you guys are doing well. Truely love the rainbow and of course the great catches that you reeled in. Have a great weekend you all. Loves!