Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the men out there!! Hope you all have a good one!!
Happy Father's Day to my dad! I love him so much and feel so blessed to have him in my life! No matter what I need, he can always find a way to help me! He was such a great dad growing up, always going to the many dance competitions with the video camera getting every dance on tape. The drill team competitions and performances, all my basketball and volleyball games he was there, cheering me on! Thank you dad for everything you have taught me over the years. Thanks putting up with me through the teenage years, I know those were some rough years!;) Also thank you for my hair, even though some days I hate them, the curls are definitely a part of me that makes me who I am. Thanks for everything Dad, I love you.


Frayer Family said...

Wow!!! That is some hair that your dad has!! Is that what your hair would look like if it was short??? Cute pics of you and Dad! Miss you!

Callaways said...

I love these younger pictures of you!!! Weren't our kid pictures hilarious.. the hair, the clothes!!