Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day of Summer!

It's finally here, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come but here it is!! Summer is finally here, yay!! It had been so cold up here in Cache Valley and to have the warmth is so nice! I went and saw this movie today with Tara and Atty.It was really cute and Jack Black did a good job!

Then Josh and I invited Cody, Tara and Atty to go swimming with us. It was so warm but the swimming pool was freezing! Josh and Atticus get so competitive when they are together, they were doing all these swimming competitions. Then we got in the hot tub and it was so nice to be in warm water! Thanks guys for coming with us! Also finished this book this week and loved it!! I didn't know for sure at first if I would like it because I thought it was kind of sci-fi and I'm not into that stuff at all. The book totally took me by surprise and just pulled me in! It was really good. The love story was so captivating and I almost didn't want it to end because I knew I would cry. So I ended up reading the last few pages of the book (at the gym, on the bike, trying so hard not to let anyone see my tears) and was so happy with the way it ended! Stephanie Meyer is such a talented writer! The fourth Twilight book comes out in just over a month and I am so excited!!


Callaways said...

Ya, what a good day. I loved the movie. I totally loved the book too! I have to tell people it's weird, but keep reading, it's so good. Glad you finished it. And I'm so excited for the last twilight book!!

Missy Ann said...

I Loved the Host! I bawled when the Old man died, and I bawled at the end when she was saying good bye to Ian and Jared...

However only 42days until Bella and Edward return and that's something to look forward too!