Saturday, September 24, 2011

Work Changes

I have been working with Dr. Astle for almost 2 years and he has now decided to move his practice to Pocatello.  I'm so sad to see him go.  Iv'e learned so much from him over the past 2 years.
As his going-away present we got him a tie that we all signed and a package of Almond Joys, his favorites.
 I'm now going to be working with one of the family practice doctors in our office.  I'm kinda nervous just because I'm not used to family practice stuff.  With neurology, it's the same thing most days.  With family practice, it's different stuff everyday.  Which will be good for learning more things and getting more experience, just nerve-racking for the first little bit.
It was sad to come in to Astle's empty office and to say goodbye to him.  He asked me to go with him but I can't with Josh still in school...and I don't think I'd like Pocatello.

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Ang said...

That is so sad to think of him not being there. He is such a great man and Dr. We have the same ward building so I see him at church every now and then which is fun.