Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Birthday Week

I took the day of my birthday off work to spend the day with Josh.  It was so nice to just relax and spend the day with him.  We wanted to go see a movie and decided on Just Go With It.
It was pretty funny but it was fun just to be with Josh.  
Tara was making me dinner and a cake for my birthday.  She made one of my favorite meals, coconut shrimp!  She found a recipe for Red Lobster's coconut shrimp.  It was so good, she did a great job.  Carrot cake is my very favorite cake with the cream cheese frosting so she made me a carrot cake ice cream cake.  It was really good, too.
I didn't have any presents to open on my birthday because on Friday night I wrangled Tara into coming to Bunco with me.  We had lots of fun and Tara had fun for her first time playing.  It was the first game the Jazz were playing without Jerry Sloan as the coach so we hurried home to see the game with the boys.  Tara is just as bad as I am at keeping surprises and she had been rubbing my birthday present in my face for about a week.  When we got home we voted that I would open my birthday present during half-time.  She messaged my mom, Josh's mom and my sister to see if they would  want to go in on the gift she wanted to get me.  They did and she got me a blog book!  I've been a slacker in getting my blog books made for each year I've blogged as the journal of our lives.  Tara, on the other hand, has not.  She makes sure she does her book every year and wanted me to have mine.  
 She also got me a cute picture of Josh and I, a purse and some cute bangle bracelets.
It had been so nice up here for the past few weeks.  It was getting warm and the snow was all gone.  I was ready for spring even though it is the middle of February.  When we were getting ready to leave to go home, we looked outside and found this...
It was so bright outside at 10 at night, and so much snow!  It's back.
The weekend before my birthday we went down to Salt Lake to see Josh's mom.  We went out to eat at Red Lobster, again!  I love that place.  It was fun to visit with her for a while.  Josh's little brother, his girlfriend and their baby Raedyn came with us.
The Sunday after my birthday we had dinner with my family.  We finally got to play on the Wii.  Usually when we go up there, it's really crazy so we don't really get a chance to play it.  Josh loves playing bowling on it.  He and Chelsie got pretty competitive, it was funny.  We played Mario and Mario Kart with Jade.  And we laughed and laughed.  It brought back so many fun memories playing the nintendo when we were kids.
It was a great week to celebrate my 29th year...except for the snow!


Kellie said...

Happy belated Birthday. 29? Yeesh! You're young!

Marvett Smith said...

Happy late birthday friend!