Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hike to the Wind Caves

On Sunday night we went for a hike with Cody, Tara, Atticus and Athena to the Wind Caves. This was our first time being up there and it was so pretty plus it was a good workout!
No, Josh and Cody are NOT holding hands, although it looks like it!:)


Frayer Family said...

Hey Guys...Josh you look great! Kandice you look like you have lost weight too. It looks fun to hike those wind caves. How fun! Ya know...I am still at Terri's. Hint...Hint!! I miss you guys so much!! My kids love and miss you guys so much too!!

Callaways said...

ya, it was fun. It's a great hike, and awesome view. We will have to go again this summer. Keep us in shape.