Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Animals and the Jazz

This weekend was Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center and Josh and I decided to have Shannon's kids come stay with us and go see the baby animals. It was so fun and the animals were so cute. We saw a baby horse, baby cows, baby chicks and ducks, and bunnies, and baby pigs and baby goats. Elizabeth loved it, she would go into all of the little pens and come out holding an animal. She thought it was so cool to hold a baby chick and a baby duck. DJ just poked the baby chick and baby duck on the head. He did hold a bunny and talked about the animals though. The weather was perfect! Finally a warm day! After the fun animals we went to get some ice cream at Cold Stone (which is the best) and then went home to get some rest before the fun Jazz party. Of course at this point it is 4 pm and DJ hasn't had a nap yet, so we all layed down and DJ didn't sleep. I fell asleep for a couple of minutes but we were watching Toy Story and DJ had to talk to me about the movie. I love his little voice, he is so sweet! Josh randomly took this picture and it turned out so cool!

We went to the Jazz party that Cody and Tara were throwing Saturday night. The Jazz killed the Nuggets and the party was so fun. I didn't get to see much of the game cause I was running around with DJ and Elizabeth but they did so good! The kids had so much fun playing all night. There were some other girls there that are a little older than Elizabeth and she loves to play with older girls. They played soccer and basketball. DJ is a little athlete at 2 years old, he is so good at basketball and baseball. So we got to shoot hoops all night long and he loved it. We didn't get home until around 9:30 pm so they were so tired. They went home early Sunday morning and I hated to see them go. We had so much fun with them and they thought it was cool that they got to sleep at our house with Ringo, Wrinkles, Sammy and Meow.

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Callaways said...

It was the most fun Jazz party of the year!!! It was fun to have all the people there to... I know Athen a loved the kids. She was in heaven.