Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!!

It's finally here! The first day of Spring is here. Winter is over! I am so excited for spring and summer, out come the flip flops!!! I love seeing all the tulips coming up, they are the first real sign of spring. I hope you all have a great spring and summer!


Callaways said...

I'm so glad winter is finally over. I hope the sun comes out and stays out, and it gets nice and warm.

Missy Ann said...

Hey Guys,
It's Melissa Birckhead (Trappett)!I have no idea if you remember me, but I remember you two. We used to work together at the DayCenter almost 5years ago? I love your blog, you two are so cute! I would like to add you to my blog, but I wanted to ask permission. My blog is set to private because I have pictures of my kids and you can never be too careful. I have to have your e-mail address to send you the blog invite. Please e-mail me!

Have a great day!