Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Afternoon

The weather was gorgeous Friday aftenoon and I texted Josh (who called me earlier in the morning to tell me how blessed he was to have me and that I am the best wife) to see if he wanted to go for a walk with the camera when I got off work.  Well the walk turned into a drive since the sun was shining but it was still a little chilly out.  So we went for a drive up Balcksmith Fork canyon.  I hadn't been up that canyon since I was a teenager so it was nice for a different view.  As we were driving around the twists and curves, we got to an opening in the river and noticed a truck pulled over on the opposite side of the road.  I looked to my right and there was a beautiful, majestic bald eagle.  Josh pushed on the brakes and I immediately took my lens cap off.  He was so beautiful and happily sat there to let us soak him up for a few minutes.
It was awesome!
Once we flew off we headed further up the winding roads up the canyon.  It was beautiful up there.  We got up to the end of the road which is Hardware Ranch.  I remember going up there as a teenager and riding the sleigh out to the elk and watched them eat in the snow.  This year there hasn't been much snow and when it does snow it melts in a few days.  It looked really muddy out in the field and they were on the last ride of the day so we turned around and came down the canyon.
I love getting in the car with Josh and just driving, especially when we have nowhere in mind.  I love the adventure and sitting with him with no distractions for a little while to just be with him and talk to him.  He truly is my favorite.

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Tara said...

I love your pictures... even weeds look good when you photo them!! Love ya.. yay for MONDAY!!!