Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve and Day

Cody's company was putting on their annual New Year's Eve party at Pioneer Valley Lodge so Josh and I went over there for a little while.  They have a free buffet that night and the line was so incredibly long that Josh and I just decided to sit in Cody's office with Tara and Morgan.  After it was over, we went over to Cody and Tara's house to play Balderdash and to watch the ball drop.  We had the New Year's Rocking Eve show on in the background and have so much fun playing the game.  By the time it was midnight, we were all beat.  We are old these days and can't stay up past 11 most nights!
The next day we went up to Lava Hot Springs for the afternoon.  I grew up in Idaho and for some reason had never been there even though it's so close!
Oh the water was so warm and felt so good!  The bottom of the pools are little pebbles that feel good on you feet at first but by the time we left, they were starting to hurt!

We headed back home and the sunset was beautiful!
 It was a great way to spend welcoming in the new year, being with our best friends.

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