Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th Of July Part 1: Days Of '47 Parade

We had a fun 24th of July weekend.  We celebrated 163 years since the pioneers settled in Utah.  I went down to Josh's mom's house on Friday to spend the night.  We were going to the big Days Of '47 Parade early Saturday morning.  I've never been to that parade before so I was pretty excited to go.  It's a big tradition in Josh's family, and that's why he doesn't like parades!  So I went down by myself while he stayed home to take care of our dogs and Cody and Tara's dogs while they were in LA for the weekend having fun without us!
So I met Rosie and Austin when I got down there for dinner.  We went back to Rosie's house and we went to bed early so we could get up extra early to get to the parade route to find a spot.  Luckily Austin and his friend, Alicia, went down to the parade route at 2 am and got us a great spot!  We got downtown at about 7:30 am and sat there for the next 2 hours before the parade started.  When we got there they were having a 5k, so we watched the runners and walkers of all ages pass by us.
Rosie, Austin and Alicia passed the time by playing a couple of games of UNO.
It was some good people watching, and there were guys with carts going around selling random stuff including the horns that people were blowing during the world cup.  One word: ANNOYING.  Every kid HAD to have one, too!
The view up and down the street.
The guy lying on the ground just got done running the 5k and was doing some stretches for us lucky viewers...gross.
On to the parade:
The Mormon Battalion.  I don't know how those women wore those dresses.  It was so hot!
Dieter Uchtdorf from the 1st Presidency.  I really wanted to see President Monson, oh well.

The floats:
This brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell.  I'm so grateful for our troops who fight for us daily.
I love Clydesdales!

The Creep Show: I hate clowns.
It was so fun to have Tycen and Lucy there to watch the parade with us.  Those kids are so cute.

Lucy was so cute waving at all the horses.  She loved it.

I'm so glad I went.  It was so fun to spend time with my family and see the parade for the first time.  

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