Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthdays and Lightning Oh My!

It's been a busy weekend. We had my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. My cousin's wife also had her baby shower Saturday. We found out that we had scheduled the showers on the same day and almost the same time after we had already sent out invitations. But we got it worked out and had a great day. We went down to Brigham to the baby shower for Joanna. She is so cute and we love her, she's hilarious. My mom, Chelsie and I headed back up to Franklin to get the shower set up.

We were in my Grandma's van and we checked to see what she had in the CD player, it was the Mamma Mia soundtrack. My sister and I started singing songs and I was texting Josh. When I shut my phone my mom thought I was snapping my fingers, we laughed and laughed. Then I started to sing louder (I'm not a good singer) and snap my fingers while doing some awesome chair dancing. The three of us were laughing so hard, we had make-up running down our faces. It was hilarious and we needed a good laugh.

We got up to Franklin and had a good time at Chelsie's shower. We played a game that I had to play at my bridal shower. A while ago, I emailed Brian, Chelsie's fiance, and asked what all his favorite things are like color, food, dessert, movie, all that kind of stuff. Chelsie had to answer all the questions and for every wrong answer she got, she had to put a whole piece of Double Bubble bubble gum in her mouth. She thinks Brian lied on all his answers cause her wad of bubble gum was HUGE!! But I also asked Brian the same questions about Chelsie in the email and he got most of them right! She got a lot of nice, fun things at her shower. We made yummy strawberry cupcakes for the refreshments, I didn't get a close up picture of them, but they were cute.

It was also Chelsie's 22nd birthday yesterday so she had a very busy day. We all sang Happy Birthday to her.
Branson with Aunt Chelsie
Me and Branson licking the spoons from my mom's homemade buttercream frosting...mmm good!
When we were on our way to Brigham yesterday morning, Josh texted me from work to tell me that the assisted living center I work at was struck by lightning the night before. I saw that Nicole, my co-worker/supervisor had called me at about 10:30 pm the night before so I called her to find out what happened. She said lightning hit at about 6 pm and they had to move everyone out of the building. A lot went over to Sunshine Terrace, a few went to family members homes until we are let back in, hopefully in the next couple of days. It sounds like it was mayhem getting everyone situated and it went well into the night time hours. No one was hurt amazingly!

Also,today is my Grandma Pat's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you!


Callaways said...

ya, glad no one was struck with the building.. that's crazy... also looks like you've been busy all weekend..

slap said...

It was a CRAZY day indeed! Fun though!! :)