Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Today is Lu's 7th birthday, Shannon's kids have a crazy birthday week with a birthday every other day. I can't believe she is 7 already, kids grow up too quick! When I started babysitting for Shannon DJ was 4 months old, Lu was 3 and Noah was 5. I love this little girl so much and love the little sassy attitude she's developed, she's hilarious. I'm glad I got to see her today since Josh had a job interview is SLC. I kept trying to convince her she was 5 still but that didn't work. She's our funny girl who has always had a New York accent and we can't figure out how she got it.

Happy Birthday Lu. I love you, you're my favorite girl!

Also, while we were at Shannon's, Elizabeth showed me the bird's nest outside their kitchen window with a momma or daddy sitting in the nest. Then they flew away and look what was inside! There are two hatched babies and atleast one blue egg still in there. So dang cute! I love the robin's blue egg color. I want a room that color someday.

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